I am a well-known public speaker on a wide range of topics around disaster risk-financing, disaster protection and resilience, and multi-sector collaboration in responding to a disaster, as per my recent engagements. Please contact me about public speaking engagements and topics I can cover. Here are some of my selected talks:

23 March 2021

OECD Conference on Addressing the Protection Gap for Pandemic Risk. [watch the panel session here]

24 February 2021

The UK House of Lords Select Committee on Risk Assessment & Risk Planning. [watch the committee here]

10 February 2021

Lloyd’s inaugural systemic risk masterclass: “Beyond the Limit”. [watch the panel session here]

10 February 2021

Westminster Business Forum policy conference on Next steps for the UK insurance industry - regulation and reform, consumer protection, climate change, COVID-19, and priorities for a new relationship with the EU. [see the slides here]

14 October 2020

Coverage gaps and how to fill them. The International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)Insurance Pools (IFTRIP). [watch this talk here]

03 September 2020

Cyber terrorism research and insurance webinar. Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation (ARPC).

26 August 2020

Making sense of COVID-19: Climate change risk management. The Government Actuary’s Department (GAD). [see the slides here & watch this talk here]

30 June 2020

Insurance and climate change lunch and learn webinar. The Business School (formerly Cass) City, University of London. [see the slides here]

21 May 2020

Masterclass on pandemic and insurance. The Business School (formerly Cass), City, University of London. [watch this talk here]

5 February 2020

Paradoxes in using insurance to finance development goals. Aon Collaborating to Close the Protection Gap Conference, London, UK. [watch this talk here]

9 October 2019

Protection Gap Entities and the paradox of insuring the uninsurable. International Federation of Terrorism Reinsurance and Insurance Pools. Brussels, Belgium. [see the slides here & watch the video here]

3 June 2019

Protection Gap Entities: Challenges and opportunities in a changing environment. Solidarity & responsibility in response to catastrophic Risks, 10th Annual workshop. Caisse Centrale de Reassurance. Paris, France. [see the slides here]

2 May 2019

Between government, market & society: The protection gap for climatic risk. London and International Insurance Brokers Association, London UK.