I am a well-known public speaker on a wide range of topics around disaster risk-financing, disaster protection and resilience, and multi-sector collaboration in responding to a disaster, as per my recent engagements. Please contact me about public speaking engagements and topics I can cover. Here are some of my selected talks:

5 February 2020 Paradoxes in using Insurance to Finance Development Goals. Aon Collaborating to Close the Protection Gap Conference, London, UK. [watch this talk here]
9 October 2019 Protection Gap Entities and the paradox of insuring the uninsurable. International Federation of Terrorism Reinsurance and Insurance Pools. Brussels, Belgium. [see the slides here & watch the video here]
3 June 2019 Protection Gap Entities: Challenges and opportunities in a changing environment. Solidarity & responsibility in response to catastrophic Risks, 10th Annual workshop. Caisse Centrale de Reassurance. Paris, France. [see the slides here]
2 May 2019 Between government, market & society: The protection gap for climatic risk. London and International Insurance Brokers Association, London UK.
16 April 2019 Identifying the risk protection gap. Risk Protection Gap Laboratory. Johannesburg. South Africa.
26 September 2018 Between State & Market: Protection Gap Entities and Catastrophic Risk. World Forum of Catastrophe Programmes. Madrid, Spain.
17 July 2018 Navigating trade-offs for effective Disaster Risk Financing policy making. Research-based session in Analysis to Action: Disaster Risk Financing and Financial Protection. Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the World Bank Group. [see the slides here]
14 May 2018 Learning across multi-sovereign risk pools to increase financial resilience to disaster: Utilizing insurance to facilitate rapid response. World Bank Understanding Risk Conference, Mexico.